C.A.V.E. Gallery is pleased to present "Restitution River", a solo exhibition showcasing new works by Restitution Press, AKA Ryan Graeff.

Restitution Press returns to the gallery with another ambitious body of work - this time, celebrating the historic bridges and river of Los Angeles.

Having recently completed a large mural for the LAPD 77th Street Division, Restitution Press continues to be non-stop, pushing the boundaries of his trademark screen-print and paint process. Each unique work is immediately engaging - created with multi-layered abstraction juxtaposed with crisp, hand painted detail. Many of the pieces incorporate photographs by Rebel Vandal and are full of iconic images filtered through the lens of Restitution Press.

The work depicts a world inspired by a brilliantly chromatic urban landscape that reflects freedom and the quest for adventure and new opportunity.