Rich ochre earth, twisted ancient olive trees, clear blue skies and purple lavender are all images which conjure up Provence in the south of France. It is a place which has been depicted in so many ways by artists throughout time. This sun-saturated region offers a visual assault of colour, piercing light and dramatic shadows that continues to inspire.

So too has it inspired Luce Géas. Her paintings realise a landscape she has known and loved all her life, influenced by the countryside surrounding the family farmhouse. The confidence she feels for her subject matter is transposed onto the canvas by her use of scintillating and vibrant colour. Luce does not copy but gives an interpretation of what she sees, conveying the spirit of the landscape or subject with energy, vitality and elegance.

Born in Provence and in spite of her childhood passion for painting, Luce went on to graduate from the Sorbonne, Paris. She is Agrégée de l’Université. She also has an MSc from The London School of Economics and Political Science where she lectured until she retired to concentrate on her painting, working in both Provence and her London studio.

In 2009 Luce was awarded the Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest honour following a distinguished career both professionally, socially and artistically. She has exhibited extensively and has many loyal followers in the UK and France.