“Although I may be guilty of a little denial, it’s enabled me to go to the edge and back, which is kind of where people expect an artist to go.” – Daniel Merriam

AFA Gallery of SoHo is pleased to present Now You See Me | The Art of Escapism, a solo exhibition of new paintings on canvas and panel by Daniel Merriam. The Artist will be in attendance for an opening reception on Saturday, May 16th from 6pm to 8pm. The reception is free and open to the public. RSVP requested. The exhibition will be on view in its entirety from May 15th through June 7th and thereafter will remain in AFA Gallery showrooms as part of the permanent collection.

People often refer to “escapism” as an act of denial that when overindulged in, allows one to ignore their problems rather than to deal with them. In the arts and literature, escapism becomes a valuable tool used to enable the mind to overcome the limitations that bridle our conscious state. Physiologists call this a flow state. This occurs when the brain’s prefrontal cortex is intentionally shut down, releasing natural stimulants within the brain, allowing the practitioner an enhanced singular focus on the task at hand. Merriam’s paintings are evidence of anything other than denial. Balancing impulsivity with steady patience, he has applied his skills selflessly, with great discipline in a body of work that not only facilitated his flow state, but provokes the viewer’s brain chemistry to mix its own elixir for an escape.

Known to many for his masterfully creative watercolors, Merriam is a seasoned veteran of the art world who brings to light the importance of drawing and painting from the imagination. His compositional skills and deftly handled dry brush technique make it look effortless, yet his work continually challenges the limits of endurance and speaks of a profound commitment to realizing his artistic intentions. Be one of the first to witness the latest works of an escape artist who shares his medicinal elixirs for the soul.

Daniel Merriam is a contemporary surrealist. His life’s work has been compiled in three impressive volumes: The Impetus of Dreams, The Eye of a Dreamer, and Taking Reality By Surprise. Merriam has had over one hundred exhibitions throughout the United States, Europe and the Middle East, and his work is found on the walls of major corporations, in museums and galleries, and in private collections around the world.

All images: Copyright © Daniel Merriam, 2015. All Rights Reserved.