The Scottish Gallery is delighted to present ‘A World of White’, Tsubusa Kato’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, in collaboration with Sokyo Gallery, Kyoto, Japan.

Tsubusa was born in Onadacho, Tajimi, Gifu prefecture, Japan and he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Centre Gifu in 1979. His work is defined by the manipulation of a New Zealand porcelain combined with a celadon glaze and while much of his work takes on a dynamic and indefinable form, the end result is subtle and sensitive. The glaze and clay are not restricted to a defined form, but change with each viewing. He is an instinctive artist and uses incredible physical force to manipulate a temperamental material. The end result is unforced, organic and speaks of nature.

The Scottish Gallery is delighted to present this body of work that has been created especially for the exhibition and are very grateful to Sokyo Gallery who have also produced a film which is available to view on The Scottish Gallery’s website and gives further insight into the work of Tsubusa Kato:

‘The crest of a wave or the tip of a roaring flame: it is these fleeting forms that I try to capture in a moment in time.’ - Tsubusa Kato