‘Raw and Unseasoned’ at Hundred Years Gallery offers an honest insight into the progress made by over 40 BA Fine Art students in their first year of study at UCA Farnham. For most participants this will be the first time their work has been exhibited in London, marking a milestone for these emerging artists.

This debut show aims to demonstrate the achievements of these explorative students as well as outlining the potentials of their artistic practice that will be developed in the years to come. Some works will focus on the process and materiality of their creation whilst others were born out of concept, bringing together a show as diverse as its creators.

"As first year students we are all on a journey of discovery, identity, revelation and failure. This exhibition is proving to be one of discovery for all the students and looks to be an interesting show. This is our first show outside of the comfort of the university, and the Hundred year Gallery seems like the perfect place for or first London show.

As a full time mature student at Farnham UCA, I have been developing my practice over the past year and this exhibition is my main focus at the moment. I’m working on creating a freestanding spatial figurative landscape using the metal shell of car parts.

"These parts are the skeleton of the vehicle that we use to protect us while moving through space at speed but these parts are also what kills and maims us. It’s these processes of change and how it evolves within a space that interests me.

"By altering the parts using both natural and violent systems of process using fire and man-made processes via corrosion and chemicals,changes its identity, and spacial existence.

Of my many interests one is ruins and decay not in the nice to see kind of ruin but in the chemical changes involved and how this decay alters its environment, and the space it occupies.

"It’s the process of breaking down and deconstructing the elements, using both natural and violent acts to create unrecognizable and interesting forms within the space that interests me. Each student has only showed within the Uni exhibition areas, so they have all put their energy into this exhibition and it proves to be the best we have done so far". - Nichola Rodgers, curator