Début Art and The Coningsby Gallery are proud to present a solo exhibition of works by illustrator Christina K.

The exhibition's title 'Lunar Tribes' alludes to another world beyond the perceived reality of ours. The work explores Christina K's fascination with tribes, their decoration and mystical spirit. The portraits are of a tribe of the imagination, a tribe of impossible beauty and an otherworldly vision. The ancient ancestors of the Moon.

The show comprises of a series of limited edition hand-printed, digital and original works that will be for sale throughout its duration.

Born in Athens, Greece in 1980 Christina K. lives and works in London where she has established herself as an interesting talent. Illustrator, textile designer, screenprinter; a creative mind in general, Christina K works with a blend of both traditional and digital mark making techniques the result being striking and sightful illustrations with subtle narratives and delicate elegiac qualities. The melange of influences which ignite the creative inspiration behind Christina K’s work have little common ground other than an obvious energy and a bias towards the hedonistic love of visual sensation.