Spazio Nuovo is pleased to present the exhibition New Abstract by Carlo D’Orta (Florence, 1955) that enriches the gallery’s research in the field of photography with 12 recent works between installations and big and medium size photographs in homage of the overwhelming strength of abstract photography. This is a path that leads directly to the core of contemporary photography, as a gradual trip towards abstraction where the curators safeguard a seductive balance among forms, lines and colour impressions.

In the ‘20s the world of abstract photography takes form with Alvin Langdon Coburn and Man Ray and triumphs in the ‘50s and ‘60s with Steinert and Gottfried Jäger. These artists gave rise to an essential change in proposing a new territory, infinite and often fascinating, by imposing photography as an art in itself.

“I am often disappointed by the present search for abstract territories of art photography, while, it actually is an essential historic and infinitely poetic territory” says Guillaume Maitre. “Yet, when I discovered Carlo D’Orta’s work I finally found the creative energy, the immediate power, the accuracy I was looking for in its perfect image, devoid of all pretence, while reality slowly dissolves”. A new abstraction that gives its name to the exhibition and that starts from a research on the architecture of contemporary cities, enhancing the geometry, the lines and the effect of colour. Carlo D’Orta’s peculiarity is the deep knowledge of painting that facilitates his sense of volumes, composition and, above all, his accuracy in the use of colour.

The artist’s talent is highlighted in the subtle balance we see in each of his works between reality and a new form of abstraction. Here the evidence of forms and emotions gradually blurs photography. A refined artistic technique, a plastic vision that renders homage to Le Corbusier, Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright. The artist composes his photographs after several trips, visions and doubts that end by turning into gentle certainties. His search for artistic truth proposes an autonomous and purist vision of architecture, in the simplest and most natural beauty deprived of all the superfluous, which is the key of all avant-guard work, as the great photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto taught us.

The exhibition dedicated to Carlo D’Orta is thought as a graphic experience that reproposes photography as the forerunner of new artistic emotions. Space, architecture and timeless emotions.