Sangiorgio Art Investments organises art exhibitions and events promoting mid-career as well as established artists worldwide. They specialise in art investments for private collectors. Next week they will be in London with the show “Exhibit – The Italian Contemporary Art” set for 26th – 30th May at La Galleria Pall Mall.

Twenty-five works by 16 artists to represent the Italian contemporary art scene: from the abstract paintings by Maria Cristina Conti to the metaphysic canvases by Ciro Palumbo, Art Nouveau artist Antonietta Losito, land and cityscapes paintings by Elsi (aka Luciano Colucci), Manuela Moschini and Roberto Guadalupi, Brazilian memoires by Mica Barbot, dramatic figures by Luciana White and Laura Zeni, Michele La Sala, Campey (aka Ester Campese), the modern epic represented by Antonio Mazzetti, Rosita Sfischio and Silvano D’Orsi. Among sculptures, the beautiful works by Franco Paletta, Michele Pinto and Stefano Puleo whose work was exhibited at the U.N. headquarters in New York during the show “Human Contrasts”.

Sangiorgio Art Investments – Founded and organized by Antonio Lagioia, "Sangiorgio Investimenti d'Arte" (Sangiorgio Art Investments) is based in Bari and operates worldwide. They promote a new concept “Art ad personam". A revolutionary idea to facilitate collectors and enthusiasts when purchasing art. Art from a privileged and exclusive point of view.

Official Opening: Tuesday 26th of May at 6pm