A highly acclaimed miniature figurine artist will be taking his tiny new sculptures, thirty of which have been created especially for these events, on a tour of London, appearing at three galleries in three days.

Nic Joly will personally be presenting his tongue-in-cheek creations at both Castle Fine Art in Covent Garden on Wednesday 17th June, and at Castle Fine Art in Canary Wharf on Thursday 18th June, in two evening meet and greet sessions between 6-9pm.

The tour will then move to Castle Galleries in the Bluewater shopping centre on Saturday 20th June with the artist appearing between 1-4pm.

The new body of mini sized scenes, entitled ‘Light & Dark’, depicts life’s ups and downs, trials and tribulations, all with a notably humorous tone throughout; a signature style for which Joly has become renowned.

The most emotionally charged collection by Joly to date, the new artwork explores the notion that life’s turmoils are as valuable as the happy times; that without darkness there can be no light.

Featuring pieces such as ‘The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword’, which will be launched during this tour, the small sculptures communicate strong themes surrounding modern society – in particular how technology has given freedom of speech increased power.

Originally, Nic Joly, the cousin of comedian Dom Joly, started sculpting as a hobby, but this passion escalated into a full time profession, which sees him represent observations on life that are simultaneously mocking and truthful in nature.

Before becoming a professional artist, Joly had many different jobs from theatre set creator to furniture maker, but all jobs required him to use his hands. However, his zeal for creating his miniature characters in his spare time remained constant, albeit that they were initially crafted and hidden around his home solely to amuse his children.

Joly makes all his miniature sculptures by hand and without a magnifying glass saying, “I don’t want them to be perfect because that isn’t what life’s about.”

Speaking about his new exhibition, he says: “A phrase which has always rings true for me is ‘You take away my Demons and I lose my Angels’ by Tennessee Williams. This phrase reminds me that we are all made up of emotions and experiences that cover light and dark, be they happy, sad, beautiful, ugly, brave, scared - the list could go on. The one thing that all these feelings have in common is that they all have an exact opposite; they are all in Divine order.

“This collection of work is the most personal I have ever put together. I have lifted the lid on the feelings, opinions, emotions, past experiences and thoughts that have been, and which are part of my life. From the battle with past addictions, to the joy and strength that my family give me, and all that lies between.”

Ian Weatherby-Blythe, Managing Director of Castle Galleries, said: “We’re excited to take Nic Joly’s latest collection on tour.

“Joly’s sculptures are very different to anything else we have on display, and have always been received very well by friends and guests to the gallery. We have no doubt these new pieces will do exactly the same.”

Each piece is an edition of only 90 and prices start from £695.

Nic Joly will personally present his new collection ‘‘Light & Dark’ at:

  • Castle Fine Art in Covent Garden on Wednesday 17th June, between 6-9pm

  • Castle Fine Art in Canary Wharf on Thursday 18th June between 6-9pm

  • Castle Galleries in the Bluewater shopping centre on Saturday 20th between 1-4pm

For more information visit www.castlegalleries.com.