Set on the slopes of the Cotswold escarpment, Gallery Pangolin is one of the few galleries to specialise in sculpture and related works on paper. Over the past twenty years the gallery has established a reputation for works of quality and excellence by Modern and contemporary artists.

Terence Coventry is one of the gallery’s most popular and best-selling artists and this will be his fourth solo show at Gallery Pangolin.

Coventry’s recent works continue his career-long exploration of familiar birds and beasts, subjects drawn from his intimate knowledge of the natural inhabitants of the Cornish landscape where he lives and works.

Other sculptures examine the ancient relationship between Man and Nature. In ‘Woman Releasing Bird’ and ‘Man Releasing Bird II’ Coventry expresses a joyous sense of exhilaration and vitality.

Highlights of the show include ‘Swallow Brooch‘ and ‘Spinning Piece Pendant’, Coventry’s first forays into wearable sculpture, and ‘Corten Owl III’, a new work fabricated in corten steel which perfectly captures the concentration of a powerful predator poised for flight.