The latest show by the artist George Con is a commentary on social control. An observation that certain aspects of things we take for granted are actually mechanisms that have the effect of ensuring our compliance.

The works comprising painting and ready made installation based on art are a commentary on aspects of social control. The metal objects are symbols of the religion. The paintings are depictions of the people.

For this project the artist is using etching and foil blocking plates incorporating them into the works in an unorthodox way. Acrylic paint is used completely autonomously of any technical manipulation other than the initial marriage. The interaction of these mediums and their impact on each other represent the acceptance of authority with our conformity and dependence of it.

George Con makes paintings, sculpture, photography and installation. His works are characterised commentary. Sometimes controversial, but always attempting to offer the viewer an alternative perspective. Whether it be a global issue or exploring something of very little or no significance.