The Arts Council funded ‘The Story So Far’ is creating an ‘arts & story trail’ from one end of Ealing to the other. The library anchors have been linked via a range of engaging activities, commissions and exhibits in literary and visual arts. The aim is to increase library and cultural activity engagement through the themes of sharing core stories and giving life to books. It initiates the first partnership between the Council, libraries, Cultural Community Solutions, Acton Arts Forum, the local arts sector and artists.

‘The Story So Far’ has the overarching themes of giving life to books by using different art forms, interpreting story themes and sharing stories across communities such as creation stories. The project is fostering greater engagement of arts and culture through the high-profile programme of activities and exhibits of visual and literary arts. It is developing the arts in Ealing by fostering partnerships between artists, arts organisations and libraries. We are supporting opportunities for artists to create and share new work, and widening audiences for the arts in Ealing through new venues and contexts.

Artistic expression interpreting the literary theme includes artwork on themes rooted in stories, myths, folklore and other literary inspiration. The artwork has been created in medium ranging through painting, performance, video, audio, text, photography, sculpture, drawing and more.

Participating artists: Tanya Loi, Jo Cheung, Katerina Sidorova, Jane Webb, Jenny Meehan, Tony Rickaby, Nick Cash, Emily Lazerwitz, Leanna Moran, Ben Walker, Martin Lau, Sam Welton, Wendy Charlton, Natalia Skobeeva, Matt Valentine, Ingrid Ung, Emma Finch, Heidi Jukes, Linda Haysman, Nicholas Vaughan, Dawes Gray, Myrto Karanika & Jeremy Keenan, Ann Philippas, Luke Haenlein, Anna Fafaliou, Marcella Reardon.