Répartie in Art is an exhibition that presents a true dialog between artist and audience, between creation and inspiration, between medium and technique. The artists featured utilize a clear skill over their chosen media, using distinct color, texture, and craftsmanship to contribute their remarkable voices to the ongoing conversation that is the ever-evolving art world.

Featured Artists: Paolo Bongianino, Justine Bonvarlet, Jun Jamosmos, Harold Miller, Pierre Montgrain, Paul Morado, Koki Morimoto, Eva Otterstrom, Eduardo Pola, Paul Sonabend, Patricia Turin, Helga Zumstein

Rhapsody in Color is an exhibition of immeasurable vibrancy, presenting expert combinations and groupings of hue to produce carefully calculated reactions in the viewer. By applying their manipulations of color to a variety of subjects, the featured artists add their thumbprint to familiar and foreign scenes to establish worlds of their own.

The high-energy pieces of Rhapsody in Color provide kaleidoscopic, visceral portrayals of partially and completely abstract realms. This vivid and vivacious display takes viewers on a highly original voyage through reality and the unreal. Each artist makes use of their very distinct palette to develop a clear voice, style, and impression on canvas and paper.

Featuring a collective of ten contemporary national and international artists: Lars Aukrust, Vesna Peko Luketic, Lydia Helbing-Schweng, Elena Gutierrez, Peter Ray Mwasha, Donna Broder, Roger Roth, Krim Benterrak, Maria Soledad Pontel and Kristina Garon