Curious Duke Gallery let us into the hottest new creatives as they introduce 9 new artists. From the latest in Street art to the baroque, CDG acquaints us with the up and coming stars of the art world this August 6th, East London.

The inquisitive nature of the Curious Duke Gallery keeps the East London art scene fresh and vibrant. With over 40 artists on their roster, CDG celebrates all that is urban, surreal and groundbreaking/ niche. Gallery founder, Eleni Duke explains “I wanted to create a gallery that not only sold art work from Britain’s most up and coming artists but brought this to you with curiosity and flare with an affordable price tag” Since 2011, CDG has collaborated with Hoxton Hotel, have been featured on series 8 of The Apprentice with Nathan Bowen in the Urban art Challenge, BBC Radio London with Agnetha Sjögren, with exhibitions at café's such as Look Mum No Hands, Old Street, Long White Cloud, Islington, and Timberyard, Seven Dials and won business awards. With an annual appearance at art fairs including Affordable Art Fair Battersea, Bristol and Hampstead, the team have a keen eye for finding future stars.

The nine new artists to be showcased this summer revel in pushing their talents to great acclaim across the UK and internationally. The exhibiting artists are:

Andrew Millar

East London based Millar combines layers of collage with Polaroid photography to create visions that border on the mythical and mysterious. Exhibiting with the likes of Lana Del Rey’s sister and Demi Moore’s daughter he’s certainly one to watch.

Louise McNaught

Louise McNaught completed her Fine Art Degree BSc (Hons) in 2012 at the University of Greenwich, and she has continued to work as a professional artist ever since, with international representation. Louise‘s creations feature nature, animals, and the celestial realm in glorious, blazing neon hues, where the animals are God-like, Sublime and ethereal in their luminescence.


Mixed media artist Bellespetite offers us visions of carefully drawn figures and animals that refer to baroque decadence, with layers of gold leaf and decorative birds hidden in the detail. Having design in her previous career for Nathalie Imbruglia and others Bellespetite has clearly caught the attention of the stars.

John Hobbs

Brother of Radio 6 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs returned to painting after a long break, the abstract artist labours over a canvas for weeks at a time to compose his brush strokes and balance the colours before setting the movement in resin that brings the textures and movement into focus. Hobbs aptly describes his work as “A collision of paint, sweat, passion and love on a canvas.”

Blandine Bardeau

A finalist in the Secret Art Prize 2014.Bardeau rejoices in the bright colours and natural forms that feed the weird and wonderful natural history. The juxtaposition of textures of materials creates worlds of curious wonder on paper and soft sculpture.

Mark McClure Already quite well known, McClure’s signature assemblage of wood and metal meld into angular worlds of perspective. Having started his career as a graphic designer he soon found his sideline of painting and collage taking all his time. Mark has recently created and designed the hoardings for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Olivia Yu

Winner of the People’s Choice Award 2014 from the Secret Art Prize that CDG heads, Yu has been keenly collected with new work being snapped up. Olivia Yu is an abstract painter who studied in Central Saint Martins college of Art and Design. Working spontaneously, Yu believes the nature of her painting materials free themselves as they move across the surface to behave how they wish. In doing so, she creates lively yet fluid forms that take on their own life in an abstract world of bright colours and dynamic texture.

Simoni Fontana

Based in Greece, Fontana is a favourite at the annual all women’s street art festival Femme Fierce and took 2nd place is female street artist of the year there this year. Working through a western viewpoint, Fontana harnesses iconography and manga from East Asia, that she applies innocence to with her characters wide-eyed expressions. Painting in acrylic both on the street and on canvas. Fontana’s pops of colour float us into a dreamy world of smooth paint strokes and strong figures.

Zoe Moss

Photo realistic artist Moss creates eye-catching paintings and drawings that will make you look twice. Famous characters are revamped into 2015; with the likes of Marilyn Monroe dangling and Instagram heart symbol, and Optimus Prime lumbering with a Hamley’s shopping bag. Moss gives our well know faces a comedic turn.