Val Britton’s collaged works on paper and site-specific installations draw on the visual language of maps to explore memory, history, and the possibilities of abstraction. Group Hang will feature new large- and medium-scale collaged works on paper, vibrantly painted and intricately cut in Britton’s characteristic style. Christine Elfman explores the constancy of change through photography and will present a new diptych featuring an anthotype, or image created using photosensitive material from plants.

Ana Teresa Fernández will exhibit a painting from her Tudo Joia body of work, based on imagery from a performance she staged on the streets of São Paulo during street protests surrounding the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Helen Rebekah Garber’s intricate oil-on-canvas paintings explore notions of the transcendental, employing a visual vocabulary that draws on elements from a diverse array of iconographic systems. For Group Hang, Garber has created a group of new, small-scale paintings in red and white. Ranu Mukherjee, whose oeuvre comprises video works, ink paintings on paper, printed and painted silk wall hangings, and collaborative sound projects, will present her most recent animated film, Home and the World, in its West Coast debut. This piece marks the artist’s exploration of a new hybrid body of work, drawing parallels between history and the present/future moment and juxtaposing figures of Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures and mythologies with artifacts of the Western world. Group Hang will also feature new paintings by Mukherjee that relate to the film and include imagery of colorful interiors and chimerical animals.