An Exhibition Down the Rabbit Hole: Fragmented Reality

The known world unexpectedly deviates in Fragmented Reality, an exhibition of fine art in Chelsea, NYC. Recognizable figures shatter in explosions of color and psychoactive patterns. With sharp lines, beautifully sensational shapes, and radiant hues, the works present a vibrantly animated world that could only be envisioned through the eyes of an artist. Cities and flowers, humans and symbols: all are distorted to some level through calculated abstraction to eponymously fragment reality. Featured Artists: Klaus Grape, Farzad Golpayegani, Marchu Torres, Vladimir Demidovich, Iva Milanova, Fred Mou, Jian Jun An.

Poignant Moments Trapped in Time: Emerging Transformation

There is something eerily quiet about the artworks included in the NYC exhibition Emerging Transformation. The artists have distorted familiar scenes in careful deliberation to create a distinct, almost uncanny, atmosphere. Sweeping, empty landscapes, emotional portraits, static still lifes, and nonrepresentational abstracts have pared down their elements to the essentials, presenting the world in a still, powerful way. Even energetic scenes forcefully stop time in poignant moments, causing the viewer to stop along with the action and take life slowly, reverently, and deliberately. Featured Artists: Nathanael Carroll, Annika Banko, Jan Cyr, Mark Schiff, Ariel Gold, Michael Christidis, Donna Drapeau, Judy Blundell, Waltraud Oetzel, Marco Petracci, DAVO

The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition

The Exhibition of Selected Artwork from the 30th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition

Twenty-eight artists from eighteen countries are bringing their award-winning art to NYC to participate in the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition. These artists were all selected by a jury of art experts for their vision and skill in their chosen fields. Incorporating photography, sculpture, painting, and mixed media, the artworks display unprecedented quality and mastery. This year marks the thirtieth year of the competition, and the international panel of seven jurors include curators, professors, appraisers, gallerists, and one museum president, bringing their unique art expertise to the selection process. It is no wonder, therefore, that the works chosen for the exhibition are comprised of such a skilled set of contemporary fine artists.