Many don’t think it’s possible and much less practical, to fuse modern technology with an exotic blend of humor and creativity. That’s why Fueled invited artist Evan Yee to install his renowned “The App Store” right here in the Fueled Collective. Yee converted one of our meeting rooms into a twisted, dystopian Apple Store like you’ve never seen before.

Installed within our Apple Dystopia, we have artifacts and art-technology such as; the IPhossil, Fallen Cloud, Replica, Carrier, Skype, IFlip, Isimilate, Kaleidogram, The App App, Nocuous Rift, Chasing Eternity, #NoFilters and #Filters, WeSync, Timeline, #Pinwheelofdeath.

All of these fusions are relative within our tech fueled, modern daily lives.

We all have our special dreams and aspirations. Yee envisioned a realm where technology could be dismantled, stripped to its bare elements, and be reconstructed with the tools and wisdom of art, irony, and humor. By visiting Yee’ Art installation here at Fueled, you’ll get a glimpse into that realm. It might not be very mystical since it deals with mobile, but Yee’s personal touch gives it a certain sophistication that only art and technology can give off together, instead of the latter alone. This is evident in every work of art in his gallery.

You don’t have to believe me. In fact: Please don`t. Stop by and see for yourself.