The Scottish Gallery will be holding a memorial exhibition in celebration of the life and work of Scottish artist George Devlin who sadly passed away last year. George Devlin made a significant contribution to Scottish art, and was celebrated at home and internationally.

George Devlin should be ranked as one of the best British landscape painters of the modern era. His approach to painting landscape was established by the Impressionists in the 1880s: to sit in front of the subject, en plein air and work until the picture was essentially complete.

He studied at Glasgow School of Art 1955-60 and his senior tutors were Willy Armour and David Donaldson. From the latter he learned much which sustained him throughout his career: the beautiful mark, quality of paint and most importantly how painting mattered and even how an artist should live his life; Devlin always looked outward, not inward and this is reflected in his many painting trips and exhibitions around the world.

The exhibition will display the final body of paintings made by Devlin before his death in 2014 and will be the first opportunity to appreciate the legacy which this remarkable artist left behind.