The work of Delphine Deguislage is multidisciplinary. It is probably an obsession or a fear of boredom that drives her to a permanent replacement of materials and technique. She attaches a lot of importance to the fabrication of objects she creates manually and minutely. If one day she may act as a carpenter, a dressmaker, a construction painter, the next day, she may cast and use resin, and the day after that, become a graphic designer. Deguislage likes to think that if a world catastrophe were to occur, she would be able to build a shelter, sew clothes, go hunting and cultivate. She especially worries about survival and self-sufficiency.

Fundamentally, she is interested in domesticity, constriction, the body, desire, sexuality, repression, social rapports within the family sphere, the construction and deconstruction of personality and womanhood.

All of this implicitly translates into a process which resides in finding plastic solutions with the help of cheap materials bought in shops that sell everything but artistic supplies. This approach places her practice in the heart of everyday life. The objects and images which she creates by successive associations are independent but still remain linked within the exhibition space and in a configuration that weaves semantics and aesthetic ties.

Delphine Deguislage was born in Namur, Belgium, in 1980. She lives and works in Brussels.

Graduated from the School of Visual Arts of La Cambre (Brussels), artist Delphine Deguislage is keen on all materials and techniques. The relationship with materiality is an essential part of her artistic research. The artist works with objects of her ordinary environment in order to sublime their emotional potential. The work on forms, colours and materials lead her to the essence of the material itself. Delphine Deguislage is also interested in the perception of colour as well as the dialogue between volume and space. Her several in situ artworks modify our perception of the environment and add a touch of poetry to everyday life.

Delphine Deguislage was awarded he Ikob-Award International in May 2015. In 2014 her work was the object of two solo exhibitions in Brussels : « Natural High » in Island et « My Dopamine’s Been Busy » in 105 Besme.