Intriguing and sometimes disconcerting, the work of Lise Stoufflet does not leave indifferent. A disturbing beauty emerges from her works on canvas in an apparent classical style but in which some ambiguities arise. The most remarkable is the presence of elements (ribbons, ceramics, sculptures, ...) that extend the painted motif out of the flat surface of the canvas in the gallery space. These materializations are for the artist, goings and comings between fiction and reality:

"At first it started with objects that I taked them out of the frame or that I was painting directly on the wall. With this principle a little fuzzy boundary was created between fiction and reality and we can go from one to another. I love when the irrational integrates, in one way or another, reality." - Lise Stoufflet

The point of view slightly against-diving intensifies the strangeness of the composition as his "photographic" framing gives the viewer the feeling of being deprived of some understanding elements. A deprivation which is underlined by the figure of childhood and play, recurring themes in the works of Lise Stoufflet. Attend a game without understanding the rules, without being able to guess the dimensions, positions the viewer in a situation and a sense of exclusion.

"I like the themes of the game because when looking at the ritual on external point of view, that’s very intriguing and fascinating. Because even if we can see what happens, we do not really always understand what is happening. I try to create images where there may be many stories to tell. I am in the plausible but I seek creative point of questioning, of hypothetical stories." - L. S.

Text by Point Contemporary