The Scottish Gallery is delighted to announce the exhibition ‘Four Women Artists’ featuring the work of Elizabeth Blackadder, Victoria Crowe, Alison McGill and Emily Sutton.

This exhibition coincides with the opening of ‘Modern Scottish Women, Painters and Sculptors, 1885-1965’ at Modern Two (Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art) 7th November 2015 - 26th June 2016.

‘Four Women Artists’ hopes to complement this revelatory exhibition, by highlighting the current and continual strength of contemporary female artists in Scotland.

Guy Peploe wrote earlier this year in The Times:
“The history of the woman artist is rather shocking. Up to the Great War they were considered to be little more than the three Ms - models, muses and mistresses. It’s a low base. There were more successful women artists in the Renaissance than in the 19th Century. Art was one of the last bastions of male-dominated society.”

The National Gallery of Scotland exhibition brings Scottish female artists from the late 19th & 20th Century to the fore, and for the first time dedicates an exhibition to the contribution made by women artists to this period, despite the challenges they may have met.

The Scottish Gallery aims to provide a continuous platform for female Scottish Artists and has had 3 major successful shows this year alone; Kate Downie, ‘Estuary’ in April, Anne Redpath ‘Fifty’ in July and Joan Eardley ‘In Context’ in August.

‘Four Women Artists’ continues this commitment.