The exhibition "Souffle léger, vapeur éphémère" comprises the photographic work of the french duo Ulysse and Darcoe and the Swiss photographer Roberto Greco, who have in common of working on the theme of Vanity in photography. Revisiting in their own way the symbols of these representations of still lifes, they create amazing compositions, of timeless beauty.

Ulysse & Darcoe is a French photographer duo created in 2013 and composed of Ulysse Payet and Isaora Le Jeannic (aka Darcoe). With many experiences as an assistant photographer and art director, their work is now centered around their own photographic projects. From this collaboration was born the series Fleur viande, a series of 8 images of bouquets created by an alchemy of flowers and pieces of meat, creating these singular still life and reminding us of the transience of all things. They have recently exhibited at the last edition of the Circulation(s) festival.

The duo received the PDN Photography Annual in 2015 and also received two honorable mentions from the IPA Awards (Los Angeles) in 2014 and 2015.

In the work of Roberto Greco, stereotypes of "still life" are revisited with humor and sometimes even cynicism, by adding unusual elements to the compositions. Thus, domestic animals take the place of hunting trophies, glory fades opening the door to derision. The story unfolds gradually, the echo is noticeable in all the images, the viewer who ventures into this world is helped to form their own interpretation of the tiniest details, sometimes just by following the buzzing of a fly…

Roberto Greco graduated from l’Ecole Cantonale d'Art in Lausanne (ECAL) and l'Ecole supérieure d’arts appliqués de Vevey (CEPV). He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Switzerland, Italy and France. Different collections including the Commission of Art Winterthur, the Swiss Post Art Collection and the Vevey Alimentarium have acquired his work. He was awarded the 1st prize HZC - Helena Zanelli Création in 2009 and won the honorable mention of the IPA Awards 2012 (Los Angeles). He currently lives and works between Paris and Geneva.