Joris van de Moortel will present his first monographic exhibition in a Belgian institution at Be Part, the contemporary art centre in Waregem.

All the exhibition space has been set aside for this young artist from Antwerp (b. 1983), allowing him to demonstrate the full range of his versatile talent. As always, Joris van de Moortel will invite us to engage in an experience that is both visual and sensorial. In his role as a musician, performer and visual artist, Joris van de Moortel has produced some twenty new works for the occasion (drawings, sculptures and installations), conceived to offer answers to the question "Are you interested in architecture?"

The title of the exhibition underlies the artist's current research, which questions the notions of volume and space using the trajectories followed by light (neon) and sound, from which he takes constant inspiration. This visual artist-cum-musician is equally interested in feedback and the sounds of nature, in particular birdsong, to which he wished to draw attention through the presence of a series of nest boxes. These are linked with other, larger structures — "cubical or cylindrical shacks" — and architectural elements like partitions, casing, revolving doors and fencing that together create paths to be negotiated: to do so, all you have to do is to follow the blue light.

An architect of light, space and sound, the multidisciplinary Joris van de Moortel has composed a score that he will conduct at a performance by the "Spectra Ensemble for contemporary music" at the opening and closing sessions.