London, UK - On 9th January 2016, the Saatchi Gallery will open Sister, Mother in the Prints & Originals Gallery.

Sister, Mother introduces a completely new body of work by the British contemporary artist Rugman. All the works in the exhibition address fundamental themes connected to the relationship between mankind and the natural environment. Utilising an ‘every-woman’ figure, the artist guides the viewer through an exploration of how humanity has moulded beliefs, myths and concepts from its perception of the world and experiences of the cycle of life.

I wanted to create works of simplicity and beauty. I looked back to when nature was an integral part of human life; when it was a spiritual element symbolised in the art and mark-making of clans and tribes. – Rugman

Rugman has investigated how mankind has sought to understand its place in the universe. Over time humans have woven the four elements, the four seasons, the five senses, the four temperaments, the power of geometry and taxonomies of feelings into various belief systems. One striking conclusion reached by the artist concerned the fundamental power of woman – embodied by the central figure.

The works are richly adorned with symbols drawn from various cultures and faiths, such as the all-seeing eye and staves. The latter were Nordic symbols intended to ward off evil spirits and to aid the accumulation of wisdom. Birds and butterflies feature in many works and both creatures have represented the soul; birds in Ancient Egypt and butterflies in antiquity and Christian art.

The body can help us remember and embrace nature. Through it we experience the four fundamental feelings of fear, sadness, joy and love. – Rugman

The artist also set out to execute these works on a variety of surfaces that would represent the four elements. Hence, works have been created on wood, paper, canvas and aluminium. The manufacture and preparation of each has employed earth, fire, water and air.

Rugman is an artist from Glasgow who currently lives and works in London. The artist is engaged in an on-going collaboration with the Saatchi Gallery and Jealous Gallery on a series of limited edition prints. These prints from the Icon series feature heavily tattooed portraits of the famous and infamous from the 20th and 21st centuries. The artist previously exhibited as part of the Cans street art festivals and his works have featured in exhibitions in Barcelona, New York, California, Dublin, Stockholm and London.

Over the last 15 years, Rugman has also worked as a graphic artist in the fashion industry. He has travelled, worked and lived in Glasgow, New York, LA, Paris and London. The artist founded the Rum Knuckles streetwear label