In the exhibition Plurality of Expression, eight artists draw from realism, surrealism, and complete abstraction to present exciting worlds of color, emotion, and passion. We see photographs alongside paintings, each of which tell a compelling story, each with deep emotional impact.

Whether featuring figures, still lifes, surreal patterns, or landscapes, the artists have captured a distinct message in their composition, one that tells the impact of human life, interactions, and natural elements. Not only are the works passionate and expressive, they are undoubtedly extraordinary feats in aesthetic and color.

Eight artists exercise excellence in their respective fields, be they realism, surrealism, or abstraction, to introduce their audience to exciting worlds of deep emotions and colors. Portraits and still lifes stand shoulder-to-shoulder to surreal patterns and atmospheric landscapes. Passionate and expressive, these works are extraordinary feats in aesthetic and color.

Featured Artists: Frédéric Bruneau , Carmen Calvin, Kyra Cowan, Scott Forsyth, KOLE. Robert Lenz, Nancy McLean, Filip Milosevic, JR Rapier, Fahim Somani, Sofya Tsvetikova.