“Clouded Identities: Nature Talks‼” is the last in the series of exhibitions centered around the issues related to the identity of artists, and the impact of globalism in their professional development. This exhibition also aims to open conversations and discuss issues related to human nature, the human-centric way of regarding our imprint on nature. This exhibition sheds light on the actions and powers of natural surroundings and role it plays in our modern lives and personalities.

The artists that take part in this group exhibition are looking at the subject of clouded identities through their own particular perspective.

Madeleine Burt is projecting the human lack of awareness in the changes of nature and the synthetic influence we have on it. She looked at the anthropological changes and man contribution towards environmental changes, as well as the destructive behaviours towards necessities that define human bare existence (air pollution etc.). Her work explores themes of separation, loss and preservation. On particular series of work, she notes on these areas by looking at traditional lace production and moth specimens, an insect associated with the destruction of fabric.

Madeleine Burt lives and works in Nottingham, she regularly exhibits nationally and internationally, her most recent shows have been in Berlin and London. She was artist in residence at Nottingham Trent University. Mirjana Marsenic Vujovic contributed to this group show with her works; produced during her residency in Venice, 2015. Her work brings the feeling of the murky waters of Venice, and the sense of decay caused by combination of factors such as the power of nature over the time, instigating changes in identity that often are significant but often remain disregarded

Mirjana Marsenic Vujovic was born in Montenegro. She studied at the Faculty of Fine Art in Cetinje, Montenegro and completed her MAF in Fine Art in 2013. She exhibited widely in her country of origin as well as internationally, including solo show London, Pont –Avon, Nica, Belgrade, and most recently Venice. She is a Member of the Association of Artists of Montenegro.

Luke Beachey explore human nature, his work is concerned with disembodied erotic entropy and the removal of social conventions and a person’s regression to a primitive being. As best described by L. Perry “Thus his male figures are rebellious, twisted, deformed, fragmented, imaginary and fragile. They struggle with and within masculine form and identity, breaking through the boundaries and sending them into the state of flux and ecstasy. The painter prefers to work with dynamic linear mark making which emphasises raptures and fluidity.

Luke Beachey was born in Cardiff. He graduated from Brighton University. He had solo exhibition in Gallery 106 in 2012, and participated in several group shows around the country.

Natalija Djuranovic brings to this exhibition her paintings form opus “Anima Mundi.” She takes her inspirations from the soul of the world, The ‘Anima Mundi’ (2014) opus narrates about universal travels and exploration of different worlds, putting emphasis on freedom of expression and understanding of human indifference toward deception and creation of hybrid identities.

Natalija Djuranovic Lives and works in Podgorica, Montenegro. She finished the School of Applied Arts in Sarajevo in 1992 and painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje in the class of Professor Nikola Gvozdenovic, 1997 where she completed her MA in 2005. She is also a Member of the Association of Artists of Montenegro since 1997. She has won several awards for painting through her art career and exhibited widely at home and around Europe. Some of the exhibition include Peru, Greece, Austria (Metropolitan Museum in Vienna – 2006), Brussels 2008, Sarajevo 2011 and most recently Venice and solo show in London.