In his fourth solo show at the Menier Gallery, Francisco unveils a collection of his best paintings. Francisco's aim is to immerse the viewer in his world with his characteristically strong style. This is a world of intimate places, imperfections and sensibility which follows the lines of the human body and the aura that surrounds people.

Francisco's paintings have been influenced by a broad range of artists such as; Tapes, Lucian Freud and the painting traditions of Spain and Britain. Francisco's work is the hunt of the soul. These works depict the effusive desire to capture the soul and the innocence of the human form through art. Full of feelings and ideas, textures and forms, these works reveal the essence of the human condition.

Francisco Jose Jimenez was born in 1987, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain (a land he will always remember with tenderness and nostalgia), where he lived his early childhood. He soon moved with his family to Madrid, where he became absorbed by the great world of painting. It was in this big city where he was formed artistically and personally. At the age of 10, he started to go to private painting classes with the artist and mentor, Evaristo Palacios.

With him he won numerous art competitions in Madrid in different categories. He displayed his art at several exhibitions, including "Young Talents", an exhibition that reunited the best young artists of the city. In this exhibition Francisco made his first sale with 12 years old to an Art collector. The piece was titled "Autumn".

Once he turned 18, he started college of Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. At the same time he found the opportunity to have his own studio, a small ground floor space in Madrid, where he began a deeper search of his style and himself. He started to be attracted by the beauty of the human body in art; the nude. Here, he painted his first nudes in oil and intensified his work by trying different types of textures with different materials along with a strong influence from the artist Antonio Tapies, who he discovered after attending an exhibition of the artist.

Soon after, at the age of 21 years, he was selected for a solo exhibition at the Tomas y Valiente Cultural Center of Madrid which is attached to the Reina Sofia Museum. He exhibited 14 of his best pieces for a month. This exhibition was very successful, giving the artist his first media exposure. Later, the crisis shook Spain. Because of this and other reasons, he decided to leave Madrid and move to London in search of new opportunities as an emerging artist. Although it wasn't easy at first, gradually he created a base and submerged himself into the world of art in this city.

He created new paintings with a more pronounced nostalgic vision, influenced by British artist Lucian Freud to who he feels great admiration for. In his first year in London, he held his first solo exhibition in Nolias Gallery, a small gallery located in Southwark. A year later came the opportunity to do a solo show at the famous Menier Gallery in London Bridge. Again, this was really successful and so far has exhibited three times in this gallery, getting the attention of art collectors and different institutions.