The gallery Thomas Bernard - Cortex Athletico is delighted to present a new exhibition of Franck Eon comprising two series of recent paintings: Abstraction faite... (crépusculaire) which echoes the works of the 1990s in which he developed the motif of the circle, the basis of his plastic language, and Talisman which reveals a more complex structural composition.

Epiphany. At the origin of each Frank Eon’s painting, the question of apparition comes up. And in this series, recent, new, the solution that was found is the colour. Far from performing again an intimate quest of a personal palette or from exposing the ecstasy of a colourist, it acts rather as an internal lighting. Also, the orange chosen by the artist is a revealing factor, a projector which has for mission to give structure and to animate the canvas.

The colour, as an immanent conductor, gives structure and autonomy to the work. It is there, as a vital force that ensures the architecture and the existence per se of the painting. Without it, no life, no sight. Thus, so to speak, there is no subject. Or rather, only one: the colour as the vector of materiality. The figurative architectural elements have left the canvas. Only a few circles come to settle and to move on it. A bit in the manner of a sentence being dictated.

The round forms are sensible fragments, scraps of an elementary intimate language, as much as syntactic units that only the artist would recognise. At the source of these new pictorial creations, is the expression of an artist making one with his gesture. Then, saying means taking action, we would be tempted to affirm with Austin, because, there is truly something in Franck Eon’s painting resembling to a statement, the meaning of which we would willingly pierce and sound out, by a visual examination, to start with.”

Text by Léa Chauvel-Lévy, 2016