Shereen Audi is a visual artist, born in Jordan in 1970 and graduated at the Institute of Fine Arts (Jordan) in 1992. Since then she has completed several art and print making courses at Darat al Funun Summer Academy and at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts' Print workshop, working alongside reputable artists including the Jordanian artist Khaled Khries, Iraqi artists Nedim Kufi and Mahmoud Obaidi and the American Prof. Lynne Allen (Boston University School of Visual Arts Director).

Audi's artworks expresses her subconscious, reflecting memories from her childhood. She recalls her feelings and concerns about the need of equality and freedom for women. She advocates that women need their full rights in order to feel at peace and achieve their fullest creative abilities and prosper.

The subjects of her paintings include Women with wings, Women beheaded and blind, Women flying with balloons and flowers. Her paintings are characterized by simplicity in applying the colors on the canvas without mixing them, an altered perspective including longitudinal and cross lines. Black, white and red colors dominate most of her artwork. She also uses different kinds of mediums, acrylic on canvas, mixed media, photography and video art. She has held 8 solo exhibitions and has participated in a number of group shows in Germany, Bahrain, Lebanon, Algeria, Egypt and Jordan.

In her tenth upcoming solo exhibition which will be held at gallery 14 on Monday March 7th 2016 in Amman, the capital of Jordan, her artworks will reveal unusual art works depicting women inside cages, adorned with flowers, and surrounded by fluttering birds and angles. The artist associates women with flowers to demonstrate their shared characteristics; they are delicate fragile and beautiful. Her birds and angels symbolize hope and freedom. Shereen believes that ‘some women don’t realize their potential by sacrificing themselves for their families while others are forced by society to abandon or limit their dreams and ambitions; ultimately depriving them of their humanity. In either case, their dreams are part of their existence and dreams always inspire hope!