From January 4 to February 23, 2013, the design-e-space gallery in Paris presents the group exhibition: "Reflections on Tradition".

It includes:

Joost van Bleiswijk: "Single-Cut" Vases. Joost van Bleiswijk is a young Dutch designer whose elegant and striking creations combine minimalist construction methods with a high quality of execution, using either traditional materials (wood and steel) or noble materials (nickel). The series of vases on show here have strikingly original shapes that represent an obvious nod to the cubist art of the first half of the 20th century.

Venice past and present: photos of domestic architecture. Venice is a sacred shrine in the architectural landscape and everything that touches it has always unleashed passions. At the same time, the city has a serious shortage of modern housing. Designing residential buildings in Venice today is a risky business for architects. But there are some successes! The photos presented here (signed design-e-space ltd.) highlight the interpretive efforts, as well as the attempts to achieve stylistic originality of some recent projects, by coupling them with images of residential buildings from the heyday of Venetian architecture.

Kiki van Eijk: "Light Box". Kiki van Eijk is a young but already prominent Dutch designer. She creates objects that have a narrative and poetic quality about them. Kiki's creations project old traditions -of Delft, for example- on the objects of our modern living environment, with an eye that is playful, original and nostalgic at the same time. The "Light Box" in this exhibition is very representative of the designer's style: the chandelier that appears when you open the box does not light up, the light arises from its projection.

Georges Dupire: Architectural Drawings of the Château de Versailles. On show several prints of original drawings illustrating various architectural aspects of the Château de Versailles. Imbued with love and melancholy, the minutely detailed drawings by Georges Dupire present facets of the distant aesthetic that characterizes this sumptuous tomb of ancient royalty. Through his drawings, Georges Dupire offers a personal interpretation of this architectural masterpiece.

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