David Benrimon Fine Art is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of Andy Warhol’s work at its gallery located in the Crown Building, 730 Fifth Avenue. The exhibition will examine Warhol’s idolization of various subject matters through a carefully curated body of work, which includes paintings and screenprints.

Arguably the most iconic artist of his era, Andy Warhol transformed the landscape of contemporary art. He led the pop art movement by challenging preconceived notions about the nature of art and erasing traditional distinctions between fine art and popular culture. Ironically, by depicting everyday objects, and Americana he elevated these themes into the realm of fine art. Warhol portrayed these commercial objects of consumerism, which were also symbols of high society and fashion, furthering the romanticization of his thematic focus, as seen in his Diamond Dust Shoes.

In Warhol’s Campbell Soup boxes, he depicted a commonplace item familiar to all, rejecting the standards of his ab-ex predecessors and notions of high art. Simultaneously, Warhol also began his depictions of money, as seen in Dollar Sign, a portrayal of a familiar object that is charged with indefinable significance. His repetition of dollar signs and bills reflect not only the commonplace of currency but also society’s and even Warhol’s desire to obtain insatiable amounts of wealth. It is partly due to Warhol’s obsession with money that many credit his success. Naturally this fixation led him to produce countless aptly named society portraits advancing his exploration of fame and affluence.

By the 80’s Warhol’s exploration of fame extended to fiction as well, evidenced by his archetypal depictions of Superman and Mickey Mouse, part of his Myths series. The portfolio included renowned imaginary characters celebrated by millions all over the world. Perhaps it was his ambition that led him to include a self-portrait as part of the suite, casting him in the same glamorous light he used to represent others.

Shortly after creating the Myths series Warhol was approached by environmental activists to create the Endangered Species portfolio. His bold, pop portrayals led him to fondly dub the works “Animals in make-up.” Through a stunning graphic alliteration, he disseminates environmental consciousness openly and boldly before us. Warhol’s Bald Eagle recounts many themes throughout his oeuvre, as it idealizes not only the magnificence of the eagle but also America’s greatest symbol in all its strength and regality.

While Andy Warhol immortalizes these images of animals through art, the reality is we need to realize the impact their extinction will have on our livelihood. David Benrimon Fine Art is honored to be partnering with the Wildlife Conservation Society on this exhibition in efforts to promote and support the endangered species.