Maddox Arts is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new and recent installation works by Camillo Matiz. Camilo’s light sculptures provide a close look into the concepts of mass culture and media confronting the viewer with the duality of what is seen and its underlying meaning. In these installations there are three components – the neon writing, its reflection and the reflection of the viewer. Each contributes to the final sensation one feels when standing in front of the work.

Camilo’s installations are playful and full of imagination; he is constantly challenging us with the meaning of the words and the possibilities of its reflection. It is a work which –in his words– is 70% made up by the viewer’s experience.

His latest light sculptures incorporate round concave mirrors that distort the words as you move forcing you to seek the focal point.

Camilo Matiz was born in Bogota Colombia in 1976, is an artist who has also successfully explored cinematography, writing, photography and film.

In 2009, his artistic film ‘1989’ was the Official Selection choice as the closing film during the Semaine de la Critique in the Cannes film festival. Despite such recognition, Matiz chose not to publicly screen or distribute the film. Only 6 copies in 35mm were made and signed by the artist. His artistic expressions through film, photography and other media, have been given several awards including ‘Top Trending artwork Art Basel Miami’ 2015, ‘Cannes Lions, shortlist’, ‘London International Magazine Awards’ among others.