Z2o Sara Zanin Gallery is pleased to present Dimensioni Variabili, the second solo show in the gallery space by Beatrice Pediconi, who exhibites one more time her work in Italy after the multimedia project 9’/Unlimited presented at Collezione Maramotti in Reggio Emilia (2013) and the recent second solo show in the United States Alien/Alieno at sepiaEYE gallery, New York (2016).

Within Beatrice Pediconi’s recent research chemistry, painting, photo, video and installations are interconnected, moved by the expressive necessity of the artist that constantly lands to new experiences and new visions. The painting on the water is the primitive technique from which all the other spring: mutation painting or performative act then?The polaroid, medium she often used in her work, is present in the new and non-ordinary project Dimensioni Variabili, welcoming the visitors at the gallery entrance. Nine books, entirely handmade by the artist, mark the nine months she spent to realize them. The exhibition continues with a large format constellation of polaroids, to get the visitor through the gallery main room, transformed in a shade zone, in which the works are installed on the floor and, for the first time, brand new works and a recent-made video where the idea of movement and the matter mutation is clear. The exhibition constants are the oil painting pigments and, obviously, the water: element we’re immersed in and from which we emerge at the time of our birth, when the individuals orient themselves through the sensations and their look catches only a chaos of shapes.

“(…) For decades Pediconi had the intuition that the first place to break the spell of transparency was with the subject. With standard transparency film, she captured the patterns of ink on water, recalling the Japanese sumiy-e masters. She made pictured of nothing. What was this fluid, organic space she invited us to enter if not an optical unconscious, Surrealism’s legacy, where basic categories of experience might be re-formed? No social programs were intended, no brave new worlds promoted. Instead these abstractions delivered a personal challenge that artists have been issuing for centuries: Leave your sleep. Pediconi made the transparency of water opaque, and, extending the project into video, she sought to revive that primordial sense of being water-borne (…)”. (Lyle Rexer, Transparency, Blindness, Water, translation by Franco Nasi, in Beatrice Pediconi – Something Alien…, 2016, Danilo Montanari Editore)

Beatrice Pediconi lives and works in New York. She took a Degree in Architecture at “La Sapienza” University in Rome.

Among the recent solo exhibitions: Alien/Alieno (sepiaEYE gallery, New York, 2016), 9”/Unlimited (Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia, 2013), Red (z2o Sara Zanin Gallery, Rome, 2011), Senza Titolo (Galleria Valentina Bonomo, Rome, 2009). A selection of the recent group shows include: L’altro sguardo. Fotografe italiane 1965 – 2015 (Triennale di Milano, Milan, 2016), Ensemble, quand la Maisonne Européenne de la Photographie collectionne, (Les Rencontres des Arles, France, 2015), Plumbing-Sequence VII–Real Time video Biennal (Reykjavik, Iceland, 2015), Untitled 2008 (video installation), L’altra metà del Cielo, Un percorso al femminile nella collezione del Macro (Macro, Rome, 2015).