Theodore:Art is pleased to present PFFFT!, an exhibition of a particular body of work by Brooklyn-based artists Christopher Moss.

I started making these at work one day, I'm not sure why or how the idea came to me but fooling around with a four panel cartoon in photoshop I erased all of the dialogue (which I always found slightly annoying, outdated and not particularly funny) and filled in the word bubbles with different shapes from the panels. The absurdity of the conversation was interesting to me, and the novelty of the gimmick fueled more. Shortly after starting this work, someone bought me an old 1950s era book of cartoons. You know the type, landscape-rectangular, printed on newsprint, with panels often off registrar. I scanned the entire book and began reworking the content. It's usually at least mildly entertaining, no worse than the original.

Christopher Moss was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He received his MFA from CUNY Brooklyn College He lives and works in Brooklyn. His last exhibition at Theodore:Art was King for a Day, in 2014.