Plus One Gallery is delighted to announce the inaugural group exhibition of the year, Winter Show 2017. This annual tradition will unveil over thirty new artworks by gallery artist’s.

Come along and examine an intriguing collaboration of sculptural works by Paul Day, Peter Demetz, Caroline d’Andlau Hombourg and Rogerio Timoteo. Signature seascape paintings by Antonis Titakis, the continued exploration into colour and composition by Javier Banegas and Francesco Stile’s distortion of scale and thought provoking subject matter from many more.

This exhibition will give its audience the opportunity to see some of the most talented contemporary Hyperrealist artist’s works all under one roof. The intriguing interaction between works produced (mainly) in the same medium against highly contrasting styles, subject matters and colour-schemes allow each individual an artistic freedom, resulting in an exceptionally engaging group exhibition.

Plus One Gallery began trading in 2001, moved to Pimlico Road in 2006, and last September 2016, relocated to the vast St George commercial and residential development at Battersea Reach. The gallery should help galvanise and glamorise this area. The new US Embassy and Apple HQ will be neighbours.

Owner-founders Maggie Bollaert and Colin Pettit are dedicated to the discovery and promotion of hyper realist artists, whom she seeks out around the world.

Maggie Bollaert believes in the increasing importance of Hyperrealism (could succeed Conceptualism as Next Big Thing?) to investors and collectors. The Walker Gallery Liverpool, BBK Gallery in Bilbao, and Museo del Tobac Andorra all held hyperrealist exhibitions in 2015. Three of her artists are represented in the National Portrait Gallery (Craig Wylie, Philip Harris and Andrew Tift) Sculptor Paul Day won a competition to produce the Queen Mother’s Memorial in the Mall, his Battle of Britain relief has been installed on the Embankment.

Hyper realism has given the gallery a strong identity. Maggie Bollaert explains that one of the compelling attractions of Hyperrealism for her is ‘the connection with different art movements of the past, such as Dutch still lifeS of the Golden Age and American Pop Art.’