From January 13th to February 18th, the Galerie Maeght Paris will be showing "Source", the first solo exhibition here for Franco-American artist François Lamore. The exhibition will include 30 new works: Crayon on paper, Watercolors, Oil on canvas and Oil on velvet.

The works of François Lamore create a dialogue between different historical and cultural periods, whose limits are lowered to create a link between past, present and future. From the artist's point of view, History is not linear as many signs and symbols cross over, counterbalance and exist together. Each work reflects a totality, a sort of rebus to which one is free to apply a particular interpretation and one's own introspection. François Lamore uses typical methods to put an inscription on the singularity of his works which include forms of fantastic proportions, cascades of colour and modern machines.

The artsite evokes the idea of a Participtory Landscape : the landscape’s very essence invites one to explore his position within, to absorb it throught his own personal observation. What do we actually see ? François Lamore paints the images which he sens, disorienting viewpoints, interseating meanings. His landscapes are both dreamlike and savage. His Works on paper describe cumulations of skeletal matter mixed with éléments of contemporary technology. Veritable open-air ossuaries which plunge us between sweetness and the abysse. Metaphorical center of paintings and drawings; water, wether spring river, or lake, inbues this series with its role of philisophical refelction here, of this hummanity which takes a step back to contemplate its own image.

About François Lamore. Equally painter, sculptor and poet, F.’s Work manifests an assimilation of the classic, the ancient and the contemporary.

Initiated at a very young age to Buddhisme, and Japanese and Chinese art history, François Lamore is also passioned by natural history, litterature, poetry, and philosophy.

Born in 1952 in Washinghton D.C., he currently lives and Works between Paris and Beirut. His work has been shown worldwide.