Steve Turner is pleased to present CMYK, a three-person exhibition featuring color-based abstract paintings by Adam Henry, G.T. Pellizzi and Joshua Saunders. Each artist’s studio practice emphasizes experimentation and the use of color as subject matter, yet CMYK also highlights their differences–technique, materials, scale and composition. Although Josef Albers’ influence on color theory is pervasive, CMYK reveals that artists continue to experiment and explore the infinite possibilities of mixing pigments based on cyan, magenta, yellow and black (K), illustrating that the future for abstract painting is as vast as its past.

Adam Henry (born 1974, Pueblo, Colorado) earned a BFA from the University of New Mexico (1997) and an MFA from Yale University School of Art (2000). He has had solo exhibitions at Joe Sheftel Gallery, New York (2012, 2014); Meessen De Clercq, Brussels (2013, 2015) and 247365, New York (2016).

Born in Morelos, Mexico in 1978, G. T. Pellizzi studied philosophy at St. Johns College, Santa Fe (2001) and architecture at the Channin School of Architecture, Cooper Union, New York (2002-2007). While at the Cooper Union, together with some fellow students, he founded the Bruce Quality Foundation and remained an active member for seven years (2004-2011). Since 2011, he has worked on his own with solo exhibitions at Y Gallery, New York (2011 & 2013); Mary Boone Gallery, New York (2014); Revolver Gallery, Lima (2015); Watermill Center for the Arts, Watermill, New York (2015 & 2016); Sala de Arte Publico, Mexico City (2016) and Museo Amparo, Puebla, Mexico (2016).

Joshua Saunders (born 1981, Salina, Kansas) spent his youth in Steamboat Springs, Colorado before earning a BFA at the University of Texas, Austin (2013.) He currently is an MFA candidate at the University of California, San Diego (2017) and has had solo exhibitions at Steve Turner (2016) and CoLab, Austin (2009 & 2014).