Launch LA is excited to announce its upcoming solo exhibitions by Los Angeles-based artists Sarajo Frieden and Carol Sears.

Where the light gets in showcases Frieden’s vivid compositions of figurative abstraction in a complex balance of color and form. Organic patterns of mosaic leaves, or flower petals in soft lavender and copper lay against a linear grid in lime and umber in an unpredictable balance of complexity.

Each painting is often layered with a multiplicity of visual vocabularies mining the history of abstraction, textiles, non-Western cultures, and digital culture. Frieden describes her work as a place to practice this juxtaposition of discordant images, explore spirit and complexity, in an ongoing investigation into what it means to be human.

The cultivated chaos of Sears’ work takes a new approach in Jigsaw venturing into bolder jewel tones and interlocking abstracted forms. Each piece emanates feelings of nostalgic midcentury California in their palettes and forms, but are also referential to Sears’ Australian heritage that draws from Aboriginal art. The mixture of these two influences becomes a new vein in which her technique thrives, retaining a memory for her previous figurative work and abstracted landscapes while standing in their own right as something more.

Each piece of the Jigsaw series mirrors moments in our lives and worlds that are rife with detail, hazy from memory, and from radically different times, culminating in a piece of artwork that clicks a sublime experience into place. The soft gray backgrounds juxtaposed with louder colors are relatively new to Sears’ oeuvre, encapsulating a visual and stark contrast between these moments that exist in our memories.