The Kravets Wehby Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of work by Jeff Donaldson (1932-2004), opening Thursday, February 23 and running through March 25, 2017.

In 1968, as the founding member of the AfriCOBRA movement, Jeff Donaldson sought to change the world. He, like many Americans, saw enormous injustices that he hoped to rectify, using his artwork to raise public awareness. Fifty years later, many of the same social ills still exist and have unfortunately been amplified by the new administration in Washington. What Donaldson has created is a meticulous, beautiful, and seductive body of work that demands progress. The work in the exhibition will be from 1968 to 2000.

[Donaldson] is both a trusted keeper and recorder of our cultural history, and a creator of powerful images, which help us to define the Black Experience

(David C. Driskell)

Jeff Donaldson’s art has served his Black People for more than a quarter of a century. His understanding of delineated in paintings and drawings sensitive, shrewd and deep, pertinent, and empathetic. He is one of our most respected and valued artists

(Gwendolyn Brooks)

Jeff Donaldson’s work has been exhibited at the Whitney Museum of Art, the Studio Museum in Harlem, MOCA LA, MCA Chicago, the Brooklyn Museum, ICA Philadelphia, and the Wexner Center for the Arts. Donaldson was the Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Howard University, and served as the Vice President of the Board of Directors of The Barnes Foundation. This will be Donaldson’s first solo exhibition in New York.