Galleria Tega is pleased to present Giovanni Anceschi-Liquid Possibilities, a solo show of one of the most eccentric and versatile protagonists of the art and visual communication scene in Italy since the end of the 1950s.

Giovanni Anceschi (Milan 1939) has always been one of the most attentive experimenters, also through the use of advanced technologies, regarding the formative processes of the work of art, design and communicative aspects, interpreted through philosophical reflections in their conditions of becoming, phenomenology and temporal development.

A founder of Gruppo T (Anceschi Boriani Colombo Devecchi Varisco), he took part in the period of exhibitions and activities of Kinetic and Programmed Art, and in the international movement Nuove Tendenze. The focus on the formation of the artwork has been the central focus of Anceschi’s research from the outset, with his interest in the creation of new images through the practice of innovation of languages and expressive forms, often shared with the viewer who is assigned an increasingly active role.

The exhibition contains historic works that were shown in some of the exhibitions of Gruppo T, like a Quadro clessidra (Hourglass Painting) with lead bearings, and a Tavola di possibilità liquida (Table of Liquid Possibilities” with colored motor oil, respectively shown in the exhibition Miriorama 1 and in the solo show Miriorama 5 at Galleria Pater in Milano in 1959 and 1961.

In recent years, alongside the continuation of his studies and the formulation of theories connected with the project of a revision of the discipline of communications design, Anceschi has developed coordinated image, exhibition design and multimedia, hypermedia and interaction design projects in Italy and abroad. In a perspective of “Reprogrammed Art,” Anceschi has taken up ideas and projects for works connected with the years of Programmed Art, revising some of them from a new viewpoint and creating new works, always discovering unexpected results and outcomes. From this new panorama, the show at Galleria Tega presents a series of recent works never shown before, including Vetroliquido rosso and Vetroliquido rosso-verde with various types of lubricating oils, the large Tables of Liquid Possibilities with rotating mechanisms, Rotoliquid in steel, PVC envelope and colored oil, and Percorsi fluidi elicoidali (Helical Fluid Paths), the new edition of a complex work shown at the exhibition Miriorama 11, at Galleria Gruppo N in Padua and Galleria del Cavallino in Venice in 1962.

For the exhibition a catalogue will be published, edited by Alessandro Rosa with writings by Paolo Fabbri, Luca Cerizza, Azalea Seratoni, Luca Trevisani, Giulia Niccolai.