Wagner’s work plays with ideas of the 2 and 3 dimensional. Her technique and use of material make the viewer question their understanding of texture and space, playing with paper, printmaking, and a dazzling use of colour. Her work appears both natural and otherworldly, creeping across walls and floors like liquid to create a truly spectacular effect.

“Bioforms and Blooms explores the realm of familiar and foreign. I am interested in our relationship with the natural world and how in the new technological landscape that is the 21st century, forms and structures found in nature are more and more alien to us.

As hybrids, the work draws on textures and shapes from seemingly otherworldly sources, but is rooted in the deep visual and sculptural language of exotic flora, micro and macro organisms, and the rhizomatic growth that is endemic to life outside of the cultivated spaces that surround us in our modern landscapes.”