Declaration of game, statement of me, this exhibition gathers, for the first time, Boris Jean and Jordane Saget. Two artistes who play with the lights of the city, to change our view on the character of it, and give it a more oniric dimension. To shake our utopia of the urban world, which is not, as Théodore Monod could say - unfeasible -but unachieved.

Boris Jean and Jordane Saget are visionaries, poets, who make, with their installations and their photos, of the town, fictional urbanism.

For the occasion, they also joined, to realize an installation, mixing their techniques, low-tech for one, pictorial for the other, while preserving the modesty of the used means to do so, that distinguishes them (the recycled materials, the chalk…).

Stemming from the Beaux-Arts school of Tours and from the Conservatoire libre du cinéma français, Boris Jean became an art director and a director in the film industry (Les Épaves, Grand prix du festival d'Avoriaz),in advertising and live performance. Influenced by the Stanley Kubrick's cult movie, he leads since 2001 his own odyssey, by building « Little Big », a futuristic city realized in miniature with rubbish and simply recycled objects.He who learnt with Jean Giraud aka Mœbius, to raise eyes towards the sky, invites us to look at the city as if it was overflown by a plane we were in, perceiving its lights through the porthole, and looking close to discover the way he plays with the architecture of the masters of the reinforced concrete and the vacuity of the Haussmann order. And because it is also a game, the spectator is urged to click three times on his smartphone to obtain a night even more mysterious, even more poetic, even more fantastic, urban vision of the landscape.

Self-taught, Jordane Saget embellishes Paris with his arabesques, and has done so, for a little more than year. From his secret diary to the street, he draws with chalk, ephemeral art in the subway, (Concorde metro station was his first gallery), on pavements and on the famous Fürstenberg square (his biggest horizontal artwork), around the columns of Buren (his unfinished work), on carriage and building entrances. These arabesques, composed of three white lines, are much more than a simple ornament of the urban decor, they play with the architectural disorders and invite us to follow them until we get lost in our own imagination.

During Bizarro 2016 (multiple galleries itinerary and exhibition), organized by the Gallery Géraldine Banier, Jordane Saget decorated the mirrors of the Hotel, in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a four hands art work with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. He gives up on this occasion the pen name J3 and presents his first geometrical paintings.

His photos reveal a new stage of his work : a game with the lights of the city, the hollow of the shadows, the ghost tracks of buildings and urban furniture.