Galleria Fumagalli presents Sursum corda, solo exhibition and live action by Maria Elisabetta Novello, in collaboration with dancers Roberto Cocconi and Luca Zampar.

The research of Maria Elisabetta Novello, characterized in particular by the use of ash with which the artist realizes forms and traces from memory, embraces an ephemeral and fleeting element that carries the fragility of the contemporary, the beauty and the instability of the existence itself. The artwork is conceived as a social interstice and as an instrument to affirm the artist’s presence, which occupies the world with the same urgency and commitment of the individual belonging to this universe. Maria Elisabetta Novello acts with essential and precarious signs on elements of private and public memory, anthropological, social and relational. She collects this material returning it silent and crossed by a responsible action, with a new identity and a new image.

Sursum corda is a project stemming from the artist’s interest for border areas (thresholds and limits) and the ambivalence that these presuppose in marking a transition. There is always a relationship with what’s on the other side, and a meeting point is also a point of detachment that simultaneously divides and unites. With Sursum corda Maria Elisabetta Novello wants to open the borders of her inner world, starting from the awareness of the human being and of the fundamental actions that keep him alive: the breath, the heartbeat and the emotions.

Sursum corda will be inaugurated on January 19 with a live action of Maria Elisabetta Novello, in collaboration with the dancers Roberto Cocconi and Luca Zampar, also repeated on 20 and 21 January. In the following days, the video of the action will be screened at the gallery, which will become container of memories, also welcoming the documentation material of the project, the process and the action. On display sheets, proofs, a photographic series, archival material collected and stored during the long phase of preparation of the event between sounds, noises, sound tracks, auscultation tones, notes that trace movements and rhythms, finds, scientific boards, images that bring to the same conceptual and emotional temperature of Sursum Corda.