You know that saying the grass is always greener on the other side well in this case it really is true! All our work by our wonderful artists are highly pigmented to create dreamy destinations you are just longing to travel to! We have six wonderful landscape and seascape artists with a combination of painting and print.

Daniel Ablitt is a firm favourite in the gallery with his mystical fairy-tale romance in his compositions. The small figures in his pieces are dwarfed by the rolling mountains or tall pine trees in the forest, their journey is mapped out by the rich terrain which helps build the story for you. Daniel works with oil paint directly onto board.

Kate Evans is a new artist for the gallery and we are so excited to have her as well as a long time personal favourite of the curator. Kate Evans has wonderful evoking compositions that haunt you with its simple yet beautiful story telling voice. The scene is set with the observer invited to look in whether it be to step into the caravan to get out of the cold or come along for a walk in the woods.

David Taylor is the gallery’s very own Turner of the 21st Century, his use of colour in his palette is second to one, creating a smooth flat layer across the canvas. His pieces are dramatic with crashing waves and thundering clouds in the sky summoning the senses to awe and deep admiration.

Jonathan Pocock traditional landscapes are given a modern face lift with his use of oil and palette knife on board. Jonathan likes to lay his paint in many layers sitting on top of each other so it takes a long time for his work to dry and the effect is breath-taking. Jonathan’s work creates nostalgia in glorious parts of Southern England and his tactile work allows the viewer to feel transported then and there.

Joanne Last is a beautiful seascape artist who likes to sketch outdoors before returning to her studio to paint her composition in more detail. Her work is part of a series showing the sea at many temperaments and during all types of weather.

Sarah Ross Thompson creates beautiful collagraph prints though use of unusual materials such as oil based printing inks, lichen, string, tissue and salt. Sarah’s work reflects areas in Dorset and the West coast of Scotland and these areas are brought to life with the strong burst of colour and layered materials creating a three-dimensional feel in these one of a kind prints.