The sensitivity of the look of Rodrigo Bivar, when selecting for the same exhibition works by two great artists, showed that the invitation made to him to be the curator was successful. And he realized even more: by uniting the sculptor Manoel Graciano and the painter Neves Torres through painting, he gave me an amplification of perception. I invite you all to make this trip.

When I met Manoel Graciano in Juazeiro do Norte, he was already an elderly man (he died in 2014). He was humble, quiet, and introspective. Had several kids, a big family! Some of his talented children also found in the sculpture the way for the creative expression. In the universe of non-erudite art, the so-called popular, when there is a tradition for children to "stick" to paternal art, this is a prominent family. Manoel was contemporary of another great master of Juazeiro, Nino. Although geographically close and both chose sculpture as a medium of expression, telling stories in painted trunks, the only thing that brings them together is excellence.

I got to know Neves Torres - who is still alive, and continues to paint - in one of the editions of the Naïf Biennial of Piracicaba. His painting of calm colors, reminiscent of country life, had a strong impact on me. I found out that he had actually worked in the construction industry and started painting after retiring, stimulated by his son, who presented him with paintbrushes and paint so as he could entertain himself. Thus began the work of this excellent artist. His first solo exhibition curated by Tiago Mesquita took place in our gallery in 2012, and drew the attention of the media and collectors, who perceived the courageous authorship, the strong artistic personality through an unusual palette.