Plus One Gallery is pleased to announce Cynthia Poole’s 2017 solo show, ‘Gold Pieces and Other Explorations’. The exhibition will run from Wednesday 15th March until Saturday 15th April.

This exhibition includes two new directions in her practice. One looks at the incorporation of gold leaf into paintings; the other explores some aspects of Giorgio Morandi, (1890-1964). Poole is particularly taken by the distinctive way he arranges objects and the impact his quiet paintings can create, well beyond their subjects. After a visit to the Unterlinden Museum in Colmar seven years ago, Poole was struck by a collection of Medieval gilded wood sculptures. Her curiosity grew and she began experimenting with using Gold Leaf in a contemporary style. She was intrigued to learn whether her subject matter and her style of painting could work harmoniously with the traditional quality of the Gold Leaf.

This exhibition presents her progress and findings whilst working with this new medium. One painting references Francisco de Zurbaran, (1598-1664), Spanish master of still life, and responds to the religious significance of his objects with contemporary alternatives.

‘Other Explorations’ hark back to themes Poole has previously touched on as well as still life experimentation influenced by Morandi.

‘Aftermath’ was relates to her ‘Roadworks’ paintings produced in 2004/5. It was created whilst thinking about ordinary urban situations, and close-up external views seen as still life.

Poole’s interest in Morandi led to ‘Deliberate Arrangements’ and ‘Metafisica’, two related series which concentrate on the arrangement of still life objects. Poole references the curiously permanent, eternal feel of the way Morandi arranges his subjects and a variety of techniques are put into place to generate these intriguing works.

A number of older paintings are included in the exhibition, the intention being to portray the cohesive patterns within her latest works. Others will compliment and clarify the ideas and influences behind Poole’s practice.