Santi Moix

2 Mar — 1 Jun 2017 at the Galeria Carles Taché in Barcelona, Spain

3 MARCH 2017
Santi Moix. Courtesy of Galeria Carles Taché
Santi Moix. Courtesy of Galeria Carles Taché

Galeria Carles Taché is pleased to announce the opening of The Brooklyn Navy Yard, a solo show by artist Santi Moix (Barcelona, 1960).

The exhibition is going to be held from Thursday March 2nd until next June 2017 and it gathers the most recent works done by Moix at his studio, located in the namesake place to the title of the exhibition.

They are large format paintings, all of them devoted to floral representation, a topic that has caused fascination among many different artists throughout the history of art and that has also demonstrated its capacity to agglutinate the most diverse viewers.