Adrian Sauer

16 Feb — 29 Apr 2017 at the Galeria Helga de Alvear in Madrid, Spain

5 MARCH 2017
Adrian Sauer, Exhibition view. Courtesy of Galeria Helga de Alvear
Adrian Sauer, Exhibition view. Courtesy of Galeria Helga de Alvear

In his most recent work, Klavier, Roma, 14.11.2016, Adrian Sauer shows us how a very simple idea can be turned into a very complex aesthetic construct.

The equation behind the work seems simple – 88 keys, 88 images. And in fact, it is the 88 keys of an ordinary upright piano that give the photographic series its outer structure. One key – either white or black – is at the center of each of the pictures.

The distance between the camera and the keyboard has been set so that the keys appear in their actual size in the finished photos. But within the strict vertical composition, the lens captures not just the one key, but also its surroundings, such that across the series, the number of keys is unexpectedly multiplied.

Adrian Sauer was born in Berlin in 1976. He studied fine art/photography in Leipzig (HGB/Academy of Visual Arts) from 1997–2003, from 1999 onwards with Prof. Timm Rautert. He completed a postgraduate diploma in fine art/photography, again with Timm Rautert, in 2005. In Berlin, together with artist colleagues, he founded the artist-run gallery Amerika. Sauer has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows in galleries and public institutions, and has also received several scholarships and grants in support of his work. Sauer’s photo works are held in both public and private collections.