Incorporating forms and patterns evocative of biological, botanical, geological, and mechanical structures, Joshua Abarbanel capitalizes on the intimacy of Taj Art and explore how objects and ideas can be both minuscule and infinite at the same time.

The wall-mounted wooden sculptures inspired by seeds and spores presented here are Abarbanel’s current examination of creation and impermanence—transcend- ing queries informed in part by a visit to the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard during a recent expeditionary residency in the Arctic Circle.

Finding inspiration in fractals, accretive formations, and the Fibonacci sequence, Abarbanel often makes works that toy with perspective or simultaneously evoke microscopic and aerial views. These compositions serve as metaphors for archetypal relationships—between people, between individuals and communities, and between humankind and the planet—and also illustrate how disparate parts can come together to make a whole in beautiful and startling ways.