On 26th January Machado-Muñoz will present “Beings and others creatures”, a selection of works created by the artist Aurèlia Muñoz (1926-2011).

This selection of Aurèlia Muñoz for Machado-Muñoz Gallery is a wide representation of her whole trajectory, especially the knotted textile works (1970-1991) the best represented in the private collections and museums in the world.

The highlights are the Entes, suspended from the roof or stretched from the ground with stones or pieces of slates. The exhibition also includes miniatures in transparent boxes.

Aurèlia Munoz is a Spanish visual artist who was born in 1926. She studied at Escola d’Arts Aplicades and at Escola Massana, Barcelona. She is considered one of the most important figures of the current called “Nouvelle Tapisserie” or “Fiber art”.

She stands out for her constant research to convert wall flat pieces into large three-dimensional pieces hung in space, in search of the essence and of the formal perfection. She chooses textile techniques to express her imagery, especially the simplest ones that move away from the ornament and do not distract from the purity of the concept, uniform knots, worked vertically and horizontally, which she calls macramé, an Arabic word that means noble knot.

Throughout her career, she was evolving towards the creation of a style which combined her own techniques. Her early experiments with textile, after producing her first printed fabrics, were with patchwork. This technique caused her language to become increasingly abstract. Embroidery, unlike other techniques, gave her total freedom, with no limitations of machinery or form. She began to be interested in the concepts of space and volume, first as embroidered fictive expressions or small volumes, which her new technical researches into textile collages were to become small sculptures.

Her work there traveled the world and became part of important private and public design collection. Her work is exhibited in the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh, and the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, MACBA, Barcelona, the Long House Foundation, New York.

She received numerous awards as Silver Medal of the Ville of Paris, Brass Medal in the III and V Biennial of Tapestry, Lodz (Poland). Winner of the Biennial Tapestry Sport (1982), among others.